Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weaving Numbah One



Exploration in partial weft, cotton, 15"x72" 

I realized that I've only shown yarn, but I haven't really posted any pictures of my actual here you are! These aren't the best photos, but I'm hoping to get some better ones by the end of the year. This was from out first assignment - structure & tool. I did a two-way ombre dye for the warp (ochre-green on the top half and a lavender-periwrinkle on the bottom half) and the weft was all dyed the same color. My tool was essentially my shuttle, and as you can see there are moments where the weft was not shot all the way across, and this was where I ended up using two shuttles. The orange is supplementary weft, although I don't think I'm all to pleased with the excess hanging out. Despite that and some color issues I'm pretty happy with it though! I'm hoping my final for this class will be even better.

On a side note, now that I've taken this class I desperately want a loom, but is it worth getting one now? Oh the difficult decisions in life!

 I finally took some better photos of the weaving, enjoy!

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  1. i got a chance to see the looms at mica a while back, they're pretty intense! i love the detail in the pattern! the shape of the piece reminds me of an animal skin or something, it's really natural. nice job! :)